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VALLFORMOSA Masia Vallformosa, S.L.

Carretera la Sala 45, 08735 Vilobi Del Penedes
Telefon +34 93 8978286
Fax +34 93 8978355

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ProWein 2022 Hallenplan (Halle 14): Stand E01


ProWein 2022 Geländeplan: Halle 14

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  • 01  Weine (nach Anbaugebieten)
  • 01.01  Weine aus Europa
  • 01.01.24  Weine aus Spanien
  •  Weine aus Cava
  • 01  Weine (nach Anbaugebieten)
  • 01.01  Weine aus Europa
  • 01.01.24  Weine aus Spanien
  •  Weine aus Penedès

Weine aus Penedès

  • 02  Schaumweine
  • 02.07  Qualitätsschaumwein/Sekt mit Herkunftsangabe
  • 02.07.09  Qualitätsschaumwein/Sekt anderer Herkunft

Qualitätsschaumwein/Sekt anderer Herkunft

Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Weine aus Cava


Red wine with soft entrance thanks to sweet tannins, and that, after passing, it gives us all its fruity expression. It has a pleasant and mediocre body that envelops the palate.


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Produktkategorie: Weine aus Cava


A premium sparkling wine, made with the finest quality grapes and cared for with love– a beautiful alliance between people and nature, vineyard and winegrowers, resulting in a unique gift from Mother Earth.
The intense, elegant and balanced flavor features notes of white fruit such as apple and pear, and hints of citrus that mix with floral notes and light aromas that result in a fresh and fruity sparkling wine.
Cultivated at 500 meters above sea level, this premium sparkling wine from the finest quality grapes is aged for 15 months on its lees.
This unique experience, bottled with an unequalled eye for detail is meant to be shared to stimulate all senses.

Solo Vida Reserva, the perfect sparkling wine to celebrate life and share magical moments with family and friends.


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Produktkategorie: Weine aus Penedès


Mas La Roca Rosé has obtained 89 points in the Peñín guide. It is a rosé wine that combines merlot, sumoll and tempranillo grapes, highly recommended for tapas and aperitifs. Its complex and fruity in palate makes it equally appropriate to combine with soft white and red meats, as well as pasta and rice.

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Über uns


In the highest area of the Penedés, more than 500 meters above sea level, there is a splendid area of vineyards. Known as the "Zone +500", this environment is home to a unique natural biodiversity in the Penedés where the vineyards are naturally found between hills and mountains. Vallformosa collaborates directly in conservation programs for this space and in the recovery of autochthonous varieties that adapt to the conditions of land and altitude.

The grapes from this mountainous area ripen more slowly thanks to the day-night temperature difference which gives them high-quality organoleptic features.

Vallformosa's technical team analyses different plots throughout the year to find the best vineyards. They involve strains with many years of history, planted freely, without trellis and with a low yield. Their fruits are excellent and give us the highest quality to our products.

These plots are part of the Vallformosa Plus project, which allows us long-term collaboration with wine growers committed to nurturing and delivering quality grapes, with a guarantee of total traceability and with special technical support from Vallformosa.

The quality of our wines and sparkling wines is controlled from the beginning of the vineyard cycle. To maintain this quality in a homogeneous way, we use technologies and drones to monitor the growth and ripening of grapes. In addition, the technical team is in charge of visiting and designing the phytosanitary and vegetative actions in each and every one of the plots. Finally, in the wine growers department, and through the open channels of the Yo Soy Vallformosa Club (I am Vallformosa Club) , they design educational and training materials.