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RIRA Vineyards Panagiotis Ioan Tsitsas G.P.

P.O. Box 5033, 25100 Aigio, Achaia, Peloponnese
Arravonitsa, 25100 Aigio, Achaia, Peloponnese
Telefon +30 26910 20123
Fax +30 26910 20124


ProWein 2020 Hallenplan (Halle 17): Stand D110


ProWein 2020 Geländeplan: Halle 17

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Über uns


Panagiotis Tsitsas, owner and soul of RIRA vineyards, first learnt to love and appreciate the good wine as a worldwide consumer. To turn this whole experience and passion into reality, he dreamed of growing his own vineyard in his birthplace - the region of Aigialeia.

It was shortly after then that Greece entered the modern era of wine making. Panagiotis Tsitsas came to fulfil his project of planting a vineyard a few years ago- a jewel in the heart of a qualified vine and wine growing region, the Slopes of Aigialia. The aim of the producer is to reveal - through the creation of both varietal and blended wines - the enormous potential of the Greek vineyard. The result: two pairs of very special wines: the white and red Aigialos (both witnesses of their origin), the white and red Bond (a reflection of the strong personality of their creator), along with a robust Chardonnay (CONCERT), next to a tender rose (2 ROSES) .

The producer highly recommends them, with a lot of respect for the consumer and awaits your opinion.

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