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Vina Ronk S.Kristancic

Vipolze 94, 5212 Dobrovo

Dieser Aussteller ist Mitaussteller von
VINO Slo Estates d.o.o.


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At the beginning, the estate was led by our grand father Mirko. It was diversified, as most of the estates or, better said, farms of that time.

The main means of living were cow farming, fruit growing and viticulture. As most of other farmers, we used to sell our grapes to the community cellar. We used to produce only a small amount of wine for family consumption.

In the year 1987 the wine market was changing, so our father Stojko decided to focus only on viticulture and wine making.

Our wish was - and still is - to produce high quality wines, that can compete on demanding home and foreign wine markets. In 1988 the main focus was on non-bottled wines. In 1993 we bottled the first wines (vintage 1992) labeled Ronk.

Since then, our production focuses on bottled wines. We put a lot of effort in vineyards because we tend to use as little enological interventions in the cellar as possible. We believe that the quality of the wine is born in the vineyards and it only develops in the cellar.

Today the Estate has approximately 36.000 vines on 9 hectares, which are situated mostly in Slovenia, in the Brda region, whereas some of them are on the Italian side, in the Collio region. They mostly grow on the hillocks, and only a small part on plain grounds.

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