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Premiere ProWein 2020

Weingut Burgermeister Carl Koch

Postfach 1153, 55272 Oppenheim
Wormser Str. 62, 55276 Oppenheim
Telefon +49 6133 2326
Fax +49 41 32

Dieser Aussteller ist Mitaussteller von
Ecovin Bundesverband Weinbau e.V.


ProWein 2020 Hallenplan (Halle 13): Stand C80


ProWein 2020 Geländeplan: Halle 13


Agustin G. Novoa

Kellermeister - Winemaker

+49 176 40798198


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Produktkategorie: Weine aus Rheinhessen

OPPNAT, Oppenheimer Petnat - Landschaumwein Rhein

2019 Oppnat was made with 100% hand collected Riesling.

We bottled it in December, when it was still undergoing the alcoholic fermentation. The last few grams of sugar brought us a beautiful perlage in the bottle. Refreshing and natural, with absolutely no additions and no filtrations. 

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Produktkategorie: Weine aus Rheinhessen

2018 Oppenheimer Sackträger Riesling Spätlese Trocken

Sackträger was named after the guild of bag carriers that used to load and unload the ships in Oppenheim during the Reinassance. The vineyards are next to the city walls where they built a tower for protection. That is only the story but the soils are also magical. 1.5 metres of Loess wich was wind-blown in this basin during the Ice Age. The root system reaches incredible dephts to chase the water and finds then the limestone and marl mother stone underneath. Resulting in powerful and fruit driven Rieslings with a lot of grip.


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Premiere ProWein 2020
Premiere ProWein 2020:
Premiere ProWein 2020

Produktkategorie: Weine aus Rheinhessen

2018 Gewürztraminer Intakt Naturwein

  • Hand picked in December, partially dessicated grapes. Sugars and acidity highly concentrated. The juice was macerated for 4 days. Bottled in September after 9 months of fermentation/lees contact.
  • Wild ferment managed to reach an alcohol of 15, leaving 8 grams of sugar behind. That is why this is a very stable wine throughout time. 
  • Unfiltered but anyway surprisingly clean and fruit driven. High varietal expression.
  • Because it has no sulfites added the wine starts to interact with oxigen as soon as you pull the cork out.  It changes dramatically giving you several experiences. 
  • Very powerful nose, mouth and even a little bit of tannin. This is a wine that can take strong cheeses and desserts without being a "sweet wine"

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Über uns


Pharmacist and inventor Friedrich Koch laid the foundation stone for our winery in 1833 with the first vineyard purchases. His son Carl Koch, mayor of Oppenheim, led it to its present size at the end of the 19th century.
The estate is in the hand of the seventh generation of the family, since 2009 Paul Berkes is the owner.

80% of the 12 ha of vineyards are located in the highest classified slopes above Oppenheim and Dienheim. Since 2010, the areas are cultivated biologically.

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