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Champagne Dom Caudron SCV

Rue Jean York, 51700 Passy-Grigny

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Produktkategorie: Champagner

Cuvée Prédiction

BLENDING: 100 % Meunier (Blanc de Noirs)
DOSAGES AVAILABILITIES : Brut Nature (0g/l) / Brut (9 g/l) / Demi-Sec (33g/l)

Prédiction is made entirely of Meunier with a traditional winemaking method. It spends an average of 2 years ageing on laths. This cuvée was Champagne Dom Caudron’s first creation. It embodies Passy-Grigny terroir and the unique features of the Meunier grape variety. The citrus and honey notes are signature of it. This is a champagne to enjoy anytime with pleasure.

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Produktkategorie: Champagner

Cuvée Epicurienne

BLENDING : 100 % Meunier (More than 50 years old vineyard)
Blanc de Noirs
DOSAGE : Brut (9 g/l)

Prestigious cuvée: a selection of best Meunier from vines over 50 years old aged on lees after alcoholic fermentation. This winemaking process gives the champagne its softness and smooth texture whilst the partial malolactic fermentation helps achieve the perfect balance of elegance. The concentration of Old Vines enables it to enhance any gourmet meal.

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Produktkategorie: Champagner

Cuvée Fascinante

BLENDING: 80 % Meunier vinified into white wine, 10% Meunier vinified into red wine & 10 Chardonnay aged in oak barrels (6 months)
DOSAGE : Brut (9 g/l)

This rosé is unique in that it is made of 80% Meunier vinified into white wine, 10% Meunier vinified into red wine and 10% Chardonnay aged in oak barrels. The traditional winemaking method and 2 years ageing on laths give the champagne its smooth berry notes. The finesse and complexity make this a gourmet rosé.

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Produktkategorie: Champagner

Cuvée Cornalyne

BLENDING: 100 % Meunier (Blanc de Noirs)
DOSAGE : Brut (9 g/l)

Cornalyne unveils a new side to Meunier by winemaking 50% of it in oak barrels. The 300 litres barrels are toasted by Aquaflex (saturating the oak with water) to bring a subtle oaky note to this delicate fruity grape variety. The wine is stirred regularly throughout the ageing process to awaken the oaky personality on the nose and in the mouth. This Meunier combination is refreshing, delicate and complex. An original and gastronomic Blanc de Noirs for sophisticated palates!

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Produktkategorie: Champagner

Sublimité 50/50 2009

BLENDING: 50 % Meunier / 50% Chardonnay
VINTAGE : 100% Harvest 2009
DOSAGE : Brut (9 g/l)

This vintage combines Meunier (50%) and Chardonnay (50%) aged in barrels from three Chardonnay wines. The time spent in the barrels enhances the village Chardonnay’s unique features: round and delicious. A unique and refined champagne aged on laths for 9 years.

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Über uns


The roots of Champagne Dom Caudron are in Passy-Grigny, a village in the Marne Valley. In 1929, the priest of the village, Dom Caudron, gave to vine growers the idea of joining forces to produce their own terroir & Hand Crafted Champagne.
In-depth knowledge of the grape variety, the Pinot Meunier and the using traditional (hand-picking, oak barrels) & modern (press & control of temperature) methods & equipment has given rise to a range of champagnes with a multi-faceted aromas & flavors (fruitiness, easy to drink, rounds, fresh, complex…).
Its fruity personality will seduce your customers for their aperitif, after-work, cocktail or gourmet experiences.

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