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1 Les Rambaux Chapelains, 33220 St Andre et Appelles


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Produktkategorie: Weine aus Bordeaux

Les Temps Modernes 2015

This Sainte Foy Bordeaux is a selection of grapes from our best old vines, fermented separately and matured one year
in French oak casks.
This blending with dominant Merlot (90%) offers a complex nose with a vanilla note, coco and candied fruits.
In mouth, the wine reveals suppleness in attack, rich, fat and silky, well-rounded by velvety and delicate tannins which promises
A good ageing.
Our best plots of Merlot are selected and worked especially to do this exeptional wine.

After hand-selection on a conveyor, the grapes are put in new stainless steel open vats, fermented under automatic temperature control at 25°C with the Burgundy system of “pigeage”. Then the wine is matured in oak barrels (50% 2 years old, 50% 3 years old).

Go with
All meats and game, and especially with beef and duck. To be tasted with “Jarrets d’agneau en Gasconnade” (recipe available).

Grapes variety
90% Merlot
10% Cabernet Sauvignon

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Produktkategorie: Weine aus Bordeaux

Rosé 2017

This is a delicate wine, with aromas of wild strawberries and a lovely touch of pink grapefruit. The palate is very balanced, crisp, fresh, quite full-bodied for a rosé, and lasts in the mouth!

As for the Clairet, we decided to harvest the grapes before maturation to have a reasonably high degree of alcohol and a nice freshness. All the harvest is hand selected on a conveyor at the entrance of the cellar. Then the grapes are directly pressed and sent in a state of the art pneumatic press where juices are extracted with care and protected from oxidation.

Go with
Perfect as an aperitif or with charcuteries, seafood, paellas, barbecue or spicy dishes.

Grapes variety
50% Merlot
30 % Cabernet Franc
10 % Cabernet Sauvignon
10% Malbec

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Produktkategorie: Weine aus Bordeaux

La Muscadelle 2012

This wine is made from 100% Muscadelle grapes and is the most original of our dry white wines. This vintage has an exceptional balance of acidity and sweetness.

Maceration 24 hours
Grape juice is directly placed in barrels of 300 liters (of 0-6 years for a fine woody).
After fermentation, the wine is kept on lees and caned for more than 10 months.

Go with
Beautiful as an appetizer, Muscadelle goes well with sea food, fish and cold cuts.
After a few years, this wine is magic with an old cheese.

Grapes variety
100 % Muscadelle

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Über uns


According to history, the château dates back to the seventeenth century.

For several decades numerous families of workers farmed the land, including some vines, producing fruit and vegetables and rearing a dairy herd.

During the sixties, the land was gradually planted with more vines. This process over several years led to 35 hectares of vines belonging to a single tenant. The grapes were taken to the local wine cooperative.

In 1991, an onsite wine cellar was built, enabling Chapelains to produce and sell its own wines. Then in 1999, the cellar was fitted out with two additional areas, one with a bottling facility which made the bottling process easier for its employees, and the other with a larger storage area for the bottles.

In 2009, 12 hectares of land just a few hundred metres from Chapelains as the crow flies, completed its vineyards.

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