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Furlan ss. Società Agricola

Vicolo Saccon, 48, 31020 San Vendemiano (TV)
Telefon +39 0438 778267
Fax +39 0438 478996


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Über uns


"A vigorous man, with rough hands and a face scarred by the sun, with roots in his land deeper than those of his vines" This is the memory grandfather Amadio left to his son Pietro. To transmit his wine "culture" was not his only and unique intention: first and foremost, it was important to transmit values to the family. To build this, one has to start far away and the experience teaches us that one has to let time take care of it. The Furlan winery is the result of the work of an agricultural family deeply rooted in this land. Since then, in a continuous evolution, the winery has been handed down to the nephews Amedeo, Alberto and Moreno, who, in respect for tradition, have been able to project it into the future. The vineyards, all belonging to the family, extend between the docg Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, doc Treviso and doc Piave areas; they have been conceived respecting the existing landscape and they are cultivated making eco-compatible choices and choosing environmentally friendly processes. The distinctiveness of these lands - the morainic hills of Conegliano and the stony plain of Piave - make it possible for us to produce wines with a unique flavour and diverse aromas, which truly express the essence of the terroir.

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