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Produktkategorie: Champagner

Mosaïque Rosé CUVÉE

“Rosé: 6 pm appetisers, meeting up with friends, blue skies and life through rose-coloured glasses. A delicious snapshot suffused with cherry, liquorice and rose. Enjoy with sushi”.

Floriane EZNACK

Salmon hue supported by orangey-pink nuances with rose petal highlights.The nose offers up subtle suggestions of fruit notes on first pour, showing wild strawberries, bush peach and kumquats. Dense, lush, fleshy red and black fruits develop on the palate, adding some indulgent flavours but also a crunchy sensation. A slender finish underpinned by iodine-like perfumes delivers savoury freshness and full-bodied saline flavours.

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Produktkategorie: Champagner

Blanc de Blancs Vintage CUVÉE

“A vintage wine is the jewel in any collection. It has been finely chiselled from the top growths to capture the quintessential qualities of an outstanding vintage in the bottle. The Champagne Jacquart vintage Blanc de Blancs elevates the spirit of Chardonnay and roots it as much in history as in its own specific provenance”.

Floriane EZNACK

2012: A year of changing weather patterns

The Champagne wine region suffered in 2012 from numerous adverse weather events, with winter and spring frosts, rain during flowering and cool temperatures lasting into July.

Despite this, warm, sunny days with frequent wind and cool nights in August enabled us to harvest superb, albeit small clusters. The resultant must then wines showed impeccable balance and substantial ageing potential.

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Produktkategorie: Champagner

Mosaïque Extra-Brut CUVÉE

“The sole difference between the Extra brut and the Brut Mosaïque is its minimalist dosage and the way the blend reveals how profoundly demanding it is”.

Floriane EZNACK

Brilliant, crystalline pale yellow with golden nuances and jade highlights. The nose offers up suggestions of flowers – linden, lily and acacia – on first pour, entwined with fresh citrus notes of bergamot and lemon rind. The palate shows creaminess and upright character at point of entry supported by lemony acidity tinged with grapefruit. The finish is ethereal and lifted by citrus and iodine aromas offering up lovely acidity and a subtle, savoury saline sensation.

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Über uns


Our Story
1964: The birth of Champagne JACQUART, Fame mounted on Pegasus becomes our emblem.
1968: The purchase of 6, Rue de Mars: The Mosaics of Reims.
1983: The launch of the 1st Blanc de Blancs Vintage (1978)
1992: The launch of the Mosaïque range
2009: The move to Hôtel de Brimont
2011: The arrival of Floriane Eznack as cellar master
2013: The launch of the Alpha label
2017: The launch of the Alpha Rosé label

In each bottle
Our vision of life is optimistic and joyful, where people feel free to indulge in essential pleasures, and a more relaxed sense of luxury is brought to the world of Champagne.

Our range of vineyard terroirs, the focus on Chardonnay in our blends and the extended ageing of our wines encapsulate a unique and contemporary style : fresh, graceful, refined.

The excellence of our expertise is designed to support our free-spirited approach and joyful, colourful vision of life.

Our mission is to turn those small everyday pleasures into special occasions... ones that spark emotion and can be shared with others!

A young Champagne House with a more modern and relaxed approach to champagne; making small moments in life special : leaving the ordinary to add a little joy to life.

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