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Produktkategorie: Kamptal

Grüner Veltliner "Kampl" 2017

The Grüne Veltliner "Kampl" 2017 impresses with its extraordinary fruitiness and its lightness. It is a dry wine and the vibrant acidity provides this wine with a great drinking pleasure. It is an ideal summer wine and a perfect food accompaniment.

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Produktkategorie: Kamptal

Grüner Veltliner Kamptal DAC Ried Steinsetz 2017

Ried Steinsetz: the wine of this Grüner Veltliner stems from grapes harvested at the Ried Steinsetz. This special vineyard location is situated just outside Gobelsburg and the soil consists of sedimentation material of the rivers Traisen and Danube. The unique soil is a conglomerate of loess and tertiary gravel and can't be found anywhere else in the entire Kamptal.

Description: mixture of spices, freshness of pip fruits, especially apples, dark pepper, impressive structure, juicy on the palate, animating acidity

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Produktkategorie: Kamptal

Grüner Veltliner Kamptal DAC Ried Spiegel 2017

Ried Spiegel: The Ried Spiegel is a southeast-facing ridge between Langenlois and Gobelsburg. The soil contains a high amount of limestone and is very deep. You can find thin layers of gravel in the midst of the Loess, which indicates that these deep soil developed over different climatic phases.

Description: hints of Citrus, green apples, fine herbs on the palate, elegant style, good volume

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Produktkategorie: Kamptal

Riesling Kamptal DAC Ried Haide 2017

Ried Haide: This single vineyards' soil is composed of tertiary gravel which originates from the Alps and which has been washed up by the rivers by the rivers Danube and Traisen over millions of years. The gravel offers a great drainage system, which lets seep down the redundant water.  Morover the Ried Haide is situated at the highest altitude of Gobelsburg, so the grapes enjoy perfect sun and wind exposure. The tertiary gravel is responsible for the extraordinary mineralic type of the wines growing there.

Description: great combination of Citrus fruits and peach in the nose, animating play of acidity and multilayered extracted sweetness on the palate, vibrant, shaped by minerality of the ground

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Produktkategorie: Kamptal

Pinot Blanc Ried Redling 2017

Ried Redling: The single vineyard "Redling" is predestined for complex, full-bodied wines due to its slight south-east slope and its medium-heavy soil composition. The name "Redling" is derived from the reddish colour of the soil, which originates from the high amount of iron which can be found in the soil. The vines planted in the single vineyard "Redling" are approximately 40 years old. These old vines deliver just a quite limited amount of grapes, which increases the density of the various flavours and makes it a perfect vineyard for Reserve wines.

Description: typical Burgundy-bouquet, aroma of grated walnuts and fresh bread, also fruity character,  powerful body and structure, elegant extract sweetness paired with mineralic complexity, acidity perfectly balances the extract sweetness, long finish

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