BEIGNER - GAGNARD Liliane Gagnard

Chateau Vieux Touron, 24240 Monbazillac
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Liliane Gagnard

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Liliane Gagnard

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Produktkategorie: Bergerac

Bergerac Rouge

50% Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon
50% Merlot
Fruity wine. Can be drunk young.
Can be kept about 10 years
Suitable with red meats, game, duck and cheese.
Vintage: 2007, 2006, 2005

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Produktkategorie: Bergerac

Bergerac Rosé “Vieux Touron”

  • Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
Fruity wine, young with a bouquet flowery. Perfect for summer.
Suitable with mixed salads, cooked meats,  barbecues.
Vintage: last harvest

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Produktkategorie: Bergerac

Bergerac Sec (white, dry) “Vieux Touron”

  • Sémillon
  • Muscadelle
Yellow-lemon colour, bouquet of dried fruits,<with a hint of lemon, is both dry and fruity with a<predominance of citrus fruits.

Suitable with seafood, fish, particularly grilled,<aspargus and cooked meats.

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Über uns


Liliane Gagnard has kept on with the family viticultural tradition, which started in 1852. This oenologist has been running her family vineyard since 1982. She keeps to the old traditions but also modern equipment to meet the demands of the customers. With a passion for wine she has followed the interest of wine connoisseurs, importers of wine and lovers of the Château Vieux Touron wine: Monbazillac, Côtes de Bergerac Moelleux and Bergerac red, dry and rosé.

The oenologist laboratory is run by Paul Gagnard. It is not only used by Château Vieux Touron but also by the wine-growers of the region. A tasting room gives the opportunity for everybody to enjoy and study the wines.

The vineyard covers 10 hectares and the total volume produced is 50.000 bottles a year only of the quality “A.O.C” Appellatation d’Origine Contrôlée: 15.000 bottles red wine & 35.000 bottles white wine.

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