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Weingut Schloss Janson Inh. Kurt Janson

Schloßweg 8, 67278 Bockenheim

Telefon +49 6359 4148
Fax +49 6359 4285


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Kurt Janson

Sarah Janson

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Produktkategorie: Pfalz

Riesling trocken

Green apple in the nose, light but pleasant acidity on the palate, this easy drinking Riesling is the perfect accompaniment to seafood, salads, or a good German bratwurst! This wine has an attractive price point and is the quintessentiall example of the regional Palatine style.

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Produktkategorie: Pfalz

Cabernet Sauvignon blanc de noir trocken

Elegant fruitiness with a hint of balckberry and gooseberry. Perfect summer wine with a crisp acidity and a refreshing taste.

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Produktkategorie: Pfalz

Weißer Burgunder trocken

This Pinot blanc is the perfect combination of a clear frutiy aroma and a touch of creaminess which is so typical for the Pinot family. Laidback - Easy drinking but also very foodfriendly.

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Produktkategorie: Pfalz

Dornfelder trocken

German red wine? Yes, please! This wine brings delicious ripe cherry flovours with a nicely balanced tannin structure into the glas. Not too heavy but full of flavour.

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Über uns


A 6th generation family-run winery on the northern end of the "Deutsche Weinstrasse"  in the Pfalz region of Germany, Schloss Janson is currently run by Kurt and Sarah Janson.
The couple met during a summer internship in the vineyards of Sarah's native Long Island, New York, and have been running the business together since 2006. 

The couple, the estate, and their wines are a quirky mix of Old World meets New World. Their focus is on fruity, crisp local varietals and creamy, elegant Burgundy and Bordeaux stylewines that are all estate grown and bottled "with love".

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