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JUDEKA SRL Societa Agricola

c. da San Mauro Sotto SP 39/2 Km3.8, 95041 Callagirone (CT)

Telefon +39 0933 1895310
Fax +39 0933 1936036


ProWein 2017 Hallenplan (Halle 16): Stand C41-13


ProWein 2017 Geländeplan: Halle 16

Über uns


A resolute Sicilian family with a strong association and passion for
wine to the world in 2007.
This was driven by the pure desire and passion characteristic of the
spirited Sicilians who have the same ideal to transmit a ne w you thful Sicily.
We are naturally gifted with the mos t important elements. The soil,
sun and the unique we ather creating the ideal conditions which give
us this great opportunity to create these varieties of exceptional
The Winery is located in Caltagirone (prov ince of Catania), south east of the island, occupying 50,000 square meters with 33 hectares of vineyards overlooking the Volcano Mount Et na.
The vineyards are all ORGANIC,
by the Ministry of Agriculture .
Most of production is made of FRAPPATO DOC Vittoria and NERO D'avola DOC Vittoria, but also INSOLIA, SYRAH and Insolia type of grape s unique to i ts ter ri tor y and origins.

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