Tenute Martarosa

Madonna Grande, 11, 86042 Campomariono

Telefon +39 087 557156
Fax +39 087 557156


ProWein 2017 Hallenplan (Halle 16): Stand C39-B3


ProWein 2017 Geländeplan: Halle 16

Über uns


Tenute Martarosa is a young company borned in 2013 that has experienced three generations of viticulturist. Thanks to family ties our production grows in Molise, where we are based, but also in Tuscany and Abruzzo. Respect for the environment, for man and their work, are the breeding ground from which our wines are born. Our goal is to produce wines with a youthful style and great quality trying to merge innovation and tradition keeping territorial identity.
We grow a lot of ideas that will translate into new wines in the near future.

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