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Cantine Biondelli Soc. Agr. Srl

Via Basso Castello, 2, 25046 Bornato di Cazzago San Martino

Telefon +39 030 7759896


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Über uns


The heart of Franciacorta open to the world

The Biondelli family estate is located in Bornato, an ancient town nestled at the heart of the Franciacorta region.

The centre of the wine estate, which stretches across various pieces of land, lies in a 16th century farmhouse located in front of the historic medieval castle of Bornato (today's villa Orlando) and at the inception of the charming Longarone Valley, settled in-between the villages of Bornato, Cazzago San Martino and Calino.

The same palaces where in 1438, during the war between the Duchy of Milan and the Republic of Venice for the control of the territories of Brescia and Bergamo, the troops from Milan under the command of Nicolò Piccinino fought against the venetians soldiers leaded by Antonio Martinengo from Brescia and Erasmo da Narni, better known as "Gattamelata" (one of the greatest military leaders of the Italian Renascence).

The estate, known as "Breda" (a term deriving from the Latin "proedium" or from the Lombard "braida" and which indicates an estate consisting of different pieces of land distributed around a central farmhouse), was acquired during the aftermath of the second world war by Giuseppe Biondelli, Italian Ambassador to be and Italian Consul General in Innsbruck (Austria) at that time.

To such regard, a particular destiny seems to have brought this ancient rural estate close to the world of diplomacy on several occasions.

As a matter of fact, prior to becoming property of Ambassador Giuseppe Biondelli, the estate belonged to Count Alessandro Fè d'Ostiani (1825-1905), Senator of the Italian Kingdom and Minister Plenipotentiary (a Diplomatic Envoy) in China, Japan, Brazil, Belgium and Greece. The estate then passed down to his daughter Paolina who married Count Charles Jean Tristan de Montholon Sémonville (1843-1899) who was also a diplomat and became French Ambassador to Switzerland.

These traces of a glorious past that saw Bornato as a crossroad of European diplomacy for a century, set the foundation for the will and aspiration of the Biondelli family to bring the wines of Franciacorta far beyond national borders.

With this goal at heart, the ancient farmhouse has been completely restored and further developed, with the construction of an underground wine cellar, in order to establish a modern structure to process at best the different types of grapes (Chardonnay for the Spumante di Franciacorta and Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Nebbiolo e Barbera for the Curtefranca Rosso) following the specific vocation of the different pieces of land that form the estate.

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