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Kressmann SAS

35, rue de Bordeaux, 33290 Parempuyre

Telefon +33 5 56355307
Fax +33 5 556355384

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THIENOT Bordeaux Champagnes SAS (CVBG-Dourthe-Kressmann)


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Produktkategorie: Bordeaux

Bordeaux Rouge Grande Réserve

A.O.C. Bordeaux-Rouge

Worthy representatives of the great Bordeaux appellations, Kressmann Grande Réserve is a collection of wines resulting from a stringent selection of lots, each one the finest expression of the typical character of the terroir. The Kressmann winemakers guide and support their partner growers and this partnership, combined with their implication at the early stages of the production process, result in meticulous blending, with the emphasis on preserving and optimising fruit freshness.  These wines are characterised by softness, elegance and balance.

Kressmann Grande Réserve collection is a perfectly adapted range of wines and a fitting introduction to the world of Bordeaux.

AOC : Bordeaux-Rouge
Grape varieties : Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
Tasting : Attractive cherry colour with a delicious bouquet of red and black fruit aromas. On the palate, the aromatic spectrum develops into raspberry and blackberry notes. The superbly soft finish is extremely well-balanced.
Serving temperature : 16°/18°
Serving idea : Red meat (steak with red wine sauce), White meat, Dessert with red fruit (Cherry pie)
Distribution : Global

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Produktkategorie: Bordeaux

Kressmann Monopole rouge

A.O.C. Bordeaux - Rouge

Convinced of the potential quality of blending several cru wines from the same terroir, Edouard Kressmann followed his intuition and in 1897 launched Kressmann Monopole, which is the oldest Bordeaux brand still available on the market today.  Legend would have it that the name of the wine was a tribute to a famous singer at the time, Adelina Patti, who developed a particular soft spot for “this white wine for which Kressmann had the monopoly”.
Still today, the Kressmann winemakers select their partners on the basis of the quality of their terroir and their viticultural prowess, in order to give Kressmann Monopole all the qualities of a great brand.

Kressmann Monopole red results from a rigorously selection of Cru wines, of which the finest lots have undergone meticulous and perfectly measured ageing.

AOC : Bordeaux - Rouge
Grape varieties : Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
Tasting : Kressmann Monopole red is an elegant and harmonious balance of fruit and oak character. With its crimson appearance and flashes of copper, the wine reveals a complex bouquet of red fruit, vanilla and spiced aromas. Initially round and robust on the palate, the silky tannins on the finish reflect the ripe fruit character backed by hints of vanilla.
Serving temperature : 16°/18°
Serving idea : Red meat (Beef with baked potatoes), White meat, Cheese (Saint Nectaire), Red fruit dessert
Distribution : Global

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Produktkategorie: Languedoc-Roussillon

Kressmann Sélection Chardonnay

Vin de France

In the context of an increasingly international market and keen to meet new consumer needs, the Kressmann teams have developed a new range of single varietal wines commercialised under the Kressmann Selection brand.

The collection is based on an on-going and stringent selection of the finest Chardonnay and Merlot wine parcels from the very best French vineyards, resulting in fruit-driven, well-balanced and harmonious wines.

Credits & Terms of use : Vin de France
Grape varieties : Chardonnay
Tasting : This Chardonnay boasts an attractive, bright yellow appearance. The nose is fresh with aromas of citrus and white flowers. Well-balanced on the palate, the wine is nervous with attractive lingering flavours. A very harmonious wine.
Serving temperature : 12°/14°
Serving idea : Perfect for the aperitif, with chicken, pork, pasta with cream sauce and seafood.
Distribution : Export

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