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Carpenè Malvolti S.p.a.

Via Antonio Carpenè, 1, 31015 Conegliano

Telefon +39 0438 364611
Fax +39 0438 364690


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Prosecco Spumante

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Produktkategorie: Prosecco Spumante

Rosè Brut

Rosé Carpenè is born from two grape varieties grown in the area of the river Piave cherished by the Carpenè family: Pinot Nero and Raboso, indicated by Antonio Carpenè as a noble and important grape variety of the area of Treviso, already in 1881.
A sparkling version of Raboso did not exist.

Grape blend: 85% Pinot Noir
15% Raboso

Origin and soil
Pinot Noir - French clone, grown between the rivers Piave and Livenza on a clayey soil streaked with Caranto, an active limestone which adds floral scents and sapidity.
Raboso - grown along the river Piave, on a stony and alluvial soil

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Produktkategorie: Prosecco Spumante

1868 Cartizze


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