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Visit and talks at VDP in Mainz


Our planning for ProWein 2025 is in full swing, so visiting the VDP ...
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Champagne Lounge moves to Hall 10


The Champagne Lounge is moving as we are currently planning many areas in the new ...
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ProWein ZERO grows by at least 50%


The demand for non-alcoholic and low-alcohol wines and spirits is enormous and we are therefore expanding ...
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Welcome ICEX to ProWein 2025


ICEX visited us at our office in Düsseldorf.
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10 days left until the registration deadline for exhibitors


The registration deadline for exhibitors at ProWein 2025 ends on 30 June, and we are already looking forward to welcoming many high-quality exhibitors ...
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Full house in the Spain hall at ProWein 2025


The registration deadline is not even over yet and the Spain Hall is filling up and we are very much looking forward to having a full house in Hall 11 again in 2025. Big names ...
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New and more compact hall design for 2025


Entirely in the interest of our exhibitors and visitors from throughout the world, we will arrange ProWein in a markedly more compact structure ...
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KOPIE VON: Champagne Lounge moves to Hall 10


We are currently undergoing a comprehensive renewal process which, in addition to the new look, ...
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German Wine Queen

The German Wine Queen: Eva Brockmann


We wanted to get to know the German Wine Queen Eva Brockmann better and conducted a short interview with her on her special topic: wine. The challenges and trends that are particularly noticeable in her home country of Germany.
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#ProWein Countries - Portugal


A world of diversity, with many different terroirs and a vast array of native grape varieties – that's Portugal! Read on to find out more about this country on the Atlantic and its amazing wine culture.
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