Weingut R. & A. Pfaffl GmbH & Co. KG

Our Pride Please call us Weinviertel Leitbetrieb

Did you already hear about it? We have what it takes because we are a certificated “Weinviertel Leitbetrieb”. But what does it mean? Let’s explain that!

Our regional committee of wine created a transparent system to classify wineries in the Weinviertel region. Therefore they introduced certain quality standards, in other words a quality management as it is usual in the hotel sector and gastronomy. Now the wineries get a chance to show what they have got and they can reach these Awards: Weinviertel Aufsteigerbetrieb (fast climber), Vorzeigebetrieb (model company) oder the highest category: Weinviertel Leitbetrieb (control operation). But what is the target of this quality management? On the one hand the quality in wine and service should get better and should be more productive but on the other hand consumers get a better orientation. It also should be a merging element because the more the single winery rises the more reputation the region will get. And if the region has got a high reputation and stands for good wine the wineries will rise almost automatically.

Generally there are certain standards which have to be fulfilled e.g.: The quality of the wine, the production of the grapes, the grape gathering, hygiene in the cellar but also the marketing department and service will be considered. Now you can imagine that we are very proud that we have won this award and reached 99 points out of 100. You will only find 7 wineries which bear this title and we are one of it!