Foro de Negocios y Comunicación, S.L. (Heredad de Urueña)


Under the designation"Heredad de Urueña", a comprehensive project was launched in 2005 with the aim of restoring and recovering a Castilian farmstead following the guidance provided by architect and urban planner Iñigo Escribano. The estate's origins date back to the late seventeenth century: the property, which comprised a farmhouse, a stable, a dovecote, a winepress and a half-buried, brick-vaulted, stone-pillared wine cellar, was the centrepiece of a large vineyard on the slopes of the historical town of Urueña, today's cultural nodal point in the region. The estate occupied part of a site known as "Pago de las Viñas", which features in the land registry of the Marquiss of Ensenada.

At present, once the buildings have been restored and the vine-growing operations resumed, the "Heredad de Urueña" estate consists of twenty-five hectares (about 62 acres). The estate's vineyards are devoted to autochthonous Tempranillo varieties (clones of Tinta de Toro and Tinta del País recommended by the Instituto de Tecnología Agraria of Castile and Leon's regional government), supplemented by a smaller proportion of Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Franc from French nurseries. In this way, Urueña has managed to recover the tradition of vine growing and wine making -one whose past is reflected by the survival of wine cellars in many of the town's private homes, as well as by the existence of a street named "Los Lagares" ("the wine presses").

From vineyard to bottle

"Heredad de Urueña" is a project characterized by painstaking care all the way from vineyard to bottle. We are convinced that the making of fine wine does not take place so much in the wineries as in the vineyards themselves. For this reason, while fully embracing the concept of "terroir", we combine traditional grape-growing practices with modern vineyard-management techniques. On the one hand, the Heredad vineyards in Morales de Toro (Zamora), where Moisés Gamazo continues to perform with the utmost care the vine-growing tasks as he learnt them from his father and grandfather, involve very wide vine spacings, low yields and high qualities. On the other, our own vineyards in Urueña (Valladolid) achieve all the characteristics of modern wines thanks to a careful selection of clones and of both autochthonous and French varieties adapted to our soils, as well as to the use of narrow spacing patterns with low yields, state-of-the-art pruning methods, an intelligent management of humidity levels and regular plant-health checks.

The technical director of "Heredad de Urueña" is the oenologist Jesús Herránz, who supervises operations with the help of agronomist Marcelo Casazza, the man responsible for plantation design in the Urueña vineyards as well as our viticulture advisor.

In 2008 "Heredad de Urueña" began the production of "MOISÉS", an elegant, well-balanced wine belonging to the DO Toro whose grapes have been selected in old vineyards and grown according to painstaking traditional methods. Wine making and wine ageing take place at the winery in Toro, which is co-owned by Michel Rolland and François Lurton, under the careful supervision of a collaborative team including, among others, Tomás Vega and oenologists Jesús Jiménez (technical director), Víctor Vidal and Juan José Parra.

Under the label "Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla y León" -and in modern facilities located in the town of Villafranca de Duero- the "Heredad de Urueña" red and rosé wines are produced from grapes grown in our vineyards in Urueña and Morales de Toro.