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Prosecco Spumante

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Produktkategorie: Veneto


Semi Sparkling Wine
 Production area: Italy 
Varietal: Italian white grapes
Colour: Pale straw yellow with a persistent perlage
Bouquet: A spring-like scent, with elegant fruity richness
Taste: Simple but captivating, fresh and lively

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Produktkategorie: Veneto


Varietal: White wines' blend
Colour: Light straw yellow and bright, white fine and persistent perlage
Bouquet: Lightly fruity hints of white fruits and flowers.
Taste: Dry, full-bodied, balanced with acidity

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Produktkategorie: Prosecco Spumante


Sparkling Wine

Production area: Italy
Varietal: Italian white grapes
Colour: Light straw and bright, with fine and persistent perlage
Bouquet: Slightly fruity with hints of bread crust and yeast
Taste: Dry, full-bodied, balanced with acidity

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Über uns


The wine cellar
“A passion rising from our culture, knowledge of wine, and a constant research for innovation”.
Bosco Viticultori is located in Salgareda, in the heart of the Eastern Veneto: a land ever oriented to wine production, in a region backed by a great history and important cities like Venice, Verona and Treviso, from where the culture of Prosecco originates.
Thanks to its know-how, well strengthened over time, and modern technological equipment, Bosco Viticultori gives birth to a selected and quality production expressing the characteristics and peculiarities typical of this territory: clear, assertive, intense in scent; modulated, delicate and pure in taste.
The attentive operations of selecting and harvesting, followed by the crushing and fermentation ones, allow reaching excellence as of quality and giving complete and authentic expression to the territory.
Well established throughout the national territory, Bosco Viticultori has, over the years, developed its own international dimension, which to date represents about 65% of its turnover.
Since 2012 the company has been an integrated part of the Gruppo Vi.V.O. (Viticultori Veneto Orientale, i.e. Eastern Veneto wine growers): the main bulk-winemaking group belonging to the Northeastern territories of Veneto.

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