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Domaine de Bargylus
Lattakia, Syrien

Telefon: +961 144 2082
Fax: +961 144 6068


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Domaine de Bargylus, Syria

Cited by Pliny the Elder, Mount Bargylus, known today as Jebel Al-Ansariyé, spreads from the Orontes Valley near the ancient city of Antioch to the Eleutherus Valley in the south of ancient Emesa. This land is a country of mystery and legends where wine and alphabet were revealed to man and where the ancients grew vines more than 3000 years ago. Located in the hinterland of the Hellenistic city of Laodicea – the modern Syrian city of Lattakia – and the Canaanite metropolis of Ugarit, the slopes of Mount Bargylus were richly covered with vines during the Greco-roman era. The Johnny R. Saadé family created Domaine de Bargylus to revive this vineyard that was planted by the Romans 2000 years ago and to honour this ancient terroir. Although surrounded by a rude environment and extreme working conditions, Bargylus keeps its production on, a real symbol of perseverance