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SAS Domaine Rollan de By
18 route de By
33340 Begadan, Frankreich

Telefon: +33 5 56415859
Fax: +33 5 56413782

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Anzahl der Beschäftigten20-49
Umsatz10-49 Mio US $
Exportanteilmax. 50%
Cru Bourgeois Producer

One of the leading Cru Bourgeois producers
With about 1 Million bottles per year of Cru Bourgeois, Domaines Rollan de By has become one of the leaders in terms of production. It is also one of the leaders in terms of quality, which is recognized around the world. Our 4 Cru Bourgeois are Ch. Rollan de By, Ch. Greysac, Ch. Tour Seran, and Ch. La Clare- all are AOC Médoc.

From 2ha to 200ha... Domaines Rollan de By doubles its size with Chateau Greysac
From the beginning Chateau Rollan de By has been growing in size as has its réputation for making excellent wine. Since this first acquisition Jean Guyon has also acquired several additional properties including: Chateau Haut Condissas (1995), Chateau Tour Seran (2000), Chateau La Clare (2001) and Chateau La Rose de By (2011). Most recently he has acquired Chateau Greysac, Chateau de By and Chateau du Monthil (2012).

Domaines Rollan de By, great value wines producer
Robert Parker and Wine Spectator often describe our wines as being great values. Actually, in 2010 Rollan de By was the only Bordeaux selected in Wine Spectator’s Top 100 based on value. Rollan de By and Haut Condissas have gained solid reputations by over performing in blind tastings conducted by the prestigious Grand Jury Européen.

Up in the air! 6 Airlines Companies hâve recently served our wines
Every year since 2006, Chateau Rollan de By has been selected blind by Olivier Poussier, “The World’s Best Sommelier in 2000”, for Air France Business Class (Haut Condissas & Tour Seran hâve also been selected). Chateau Greysac is served in United Airline lst Class (in 2013 & 2014)