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Henriques & Henriques, Vinhos SA
Avenida da Autonomia 10
9300-138 Camara de Lobos - Madeira, Portugal

Telefon: +351 291 941551
Fax: +351 291 941590


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Henriques & Henriques - Brief history

Going back to 1850, Henriques & Henriques is a producer and shipper of Madeira wine. Its wines are generally recognised as great quality classical Madeiras. Besides the large production range, the company stocks some very old wines of unique quality which are much sought after by collectors from all over the world.

In 1992, the building of new premises provided suitable means for meeting the current demands of the markets. This, together with the fact that it also owns extensive vineyards on the island, has allowed for a better control of all aspects of production. Its wines are distributed in Europe, North America, Japan and various other countries.

The Company produces about 1 million litres a year using the most recent technical innovations but maintaining the family tradition of almost 200 years of producing finest Madeirawines.