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Villa Ponciago
Château de Poncié
69820 Fleurie, Frankreich

Telefon: +33 43755 3475
Fax: +33 43755 3587


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A subtle creation

At Villa Ponciago, the vinification methods used are designed to preserve the spirit of Fleurie, producing wines that are fresh and flavoursome, without being a slave to tradition. A proportion of the harvested grapes are de-stalked and they undergo a long vatting period of 8 to 20 days with regular, gentle punching down and pumping over operations.

The duration of ageing and the use of used barrels vary according to the wines being made, but with one objective: to allow the Cru to express itself and subtly and delicately add body to the wine.

Now comes the task of blending: The cellar master reserves the wine made from the best parcels for his cuvees: Fleurie La Réserve, Fleurie Les Hauts du Py and Fleurie La Roche Muriers. After a light filtration, to preserve the work that has been carried out during the vine growing and ageing processes, the wines then go into bottle.