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Velenosi Srl.
Via Biancospini, 11
63100 Ascoli Piceno, Italien

Telefon: +39 0736 341218
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Grape of French origin and particularly of Bordeaux. Its arrival in Italy seems to have happened in the early years of the nineteenth century in the province of Alessandria. In France, the grape is very prestigious while in Italy, it is less popular due to its lower productivity compared to Cabernet Franc. The grape has a very resistant and waxy skin and is blue-black with purple nuances. It is usually harvested around the end of October.

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This grape comes from the French area of Champagne and Burgundy. It seems that its name originates from a village in the Maconnais. This vine is often confused with Pinot Blanc. It is a delicately fruity wine and creates a wine rich in color with complex aromas that develop with aging. Delivers excellent results with the aging in oak barrels.

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This white grape is widespread in Central Italy and by far the most cultivated (60,000 ha). It's popularity is due to high productivity and its resistance to disease, but gives poor results on the sensory level, because of its low acidity and aroma. The Trebbiano family is present in nearly 80 DOC, in some cases part of the blend of some red wines like Chianti and the Barco Reale di Carmignano.

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