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From Galicia Group, S.L
Calle Orzán, 150 Bajo
15003 A Coruña, Spanien

Telefon: +34 881 994069

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AOC Rias baixas (albarino) galician wines


Located in south of Galicia, Rias baixas vineyards are directly vinculated to the water wether the stuaries (rías) or because they are near to the rivers Sil or Miño. The climate in here is what helps to enhance the tipicity of the Albarino, which the growers of Rías Baixas have wisely embraced as their grape. Lots of rain, mist, and sticky mornings are typical from this region.

From Galicia Groups brings an unique selection of albarino wines coming directly from traditional wineries


The preferent grapes of this appellation are Albariño,Loureira Blanca, Caiño blanco and Treixadura for the whites ( Torrontés and Godello are also authorised ).

Sousón, Caiño tinto, Espadeira and Loureiro tinto for the reds (brancellao, Mencía and Pedral are also admited but not very often used). Red wines of this appellation hardly reach a 2% of the total yield.

The whites wines of the Denomination of Origin Rías Baixas are dry, with a sharp flavour, floral and intensely fruity, with a very fine and long aftertaste. Monovarietal wines like “Albariño” are straw yellow in colour, bright with golden and green iridescence.

They have a pleasantly impressive fine and distinguished floral and fruity aroma, medium intensity and a powerful half-length lingering. They are fresh and smooth on the palate, with sufficient body and alcohol, a balanced acidity, and broad harmonious nuances. Their aftertaste is pleasant, elegant and complete.

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Non alcohol wines


For those markets or target consumers who cannot drink, we can offer you 0% non-alcohol wines. The red wine comes from a process of desalcoholization of Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes.


The final result can be wine taste or other flavors. The white,comes from the Airén grape and, finally, the sparkling comes from the Macabeo grape. The three tastes achieve their purpose to taste almost as a wine or as the flavor you would like to. A great chance to bring closer the wine to a huge target of people in the world.

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Galician craft beer


The ancient dwellers of Galicia, our land, already used to drink beer. However, after the arrival of the Romans the Mediterranean wine culture was introduced, and beer was left aside considered a pagan drink for the barbarians.one.


Taking into account this tradition, is why FGG has selected the best Galician craft beer. This brand borns with the purpose of reclaiming a part of the lost culture of our ancestors, and at the same time of pleasing the most demanding palates with a healthy and distinctive product 100% craft and natural beer.Their extremely care about the product makes them waive the mass production but they achieve an incredibly excellent product.

All their beers mature in cold between 3 or 4 times more than most of the crafty beers and 6 times more than a industrial beer. This extra time bring the product exquisites aromas and intenses flavors.Ales and Lagers have been “re-interpreted” in order to create own recipes. The final product is finished with bottle conditioning. This means that the gas created is completely natural. No CO2 is added. Pasteurizeds, extracts, aditives and preservatives are avoid. The beer keep evolving in the bottle, they are “alive”.

Pure Galician natural water is used ( one of the best of the world) and whole hop varieties with the best malted cereals in order to create a product of defined personality. We offer four varieties available throughout the year, as well as special seasonal editions that are brewed depending on the time of the year.

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Galician traditional liqueurs


Liqueur is the original taste of Galicia. No celebration or familiar meal is finished without them and we can offer a variety from a distillery founded in 1925. Traditional techniques that have been handed down generation after generation over the years are combine with the latest technology in order to supply “aguardiente”from Galicia between others.


“Aguardente”, the Galician name, combines the words in Latin-based languages for "water" (auga in Galician) and "fiery" ( ardente in Galician).
This liqueur is the base for the tastes: “orujo” ( original name in Galicia or marc is the alcoholic beverage from the grape skin) , herbs and coffe liqueur.

There are other 3 creamy and delicious tastes we are able to offer such as Almond creamy liqueur, chocolat and cherries and marc cream liqueur.
To taste them is to taste Galicia in your mouth and feel the strenght of our soils.

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Traditional Galician cider


Our organic cider is the only one made with original apples from Galicia and following a traditional process with a slow pressing and own yeasts.


After being ageed in a tank and a natural pouring due to the low temeratures of the Galician winter, the malolactic fermentation is completed in spring when itś bottled so that the carbonic endogenous to the cider is intact with its innate features. As a result, an aromatic cider with fruity nuances similar to Albariño rememberings is obtained, and, when, poured, it developes an amazing potential. It is a perfect companion for appetizers, shellfish, fish, red meats and asian cuisine.

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