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Bartex-Bartol Sp. z o. o. Sp. k.
Paproc 111
64-300 Nowy Tomysl, Polen

Telefon: +48 61 4426100
Fax: +48 61 4426141

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Dalmatino Apple


Apple Sparkling Beverage
0,75 L
Soft drink for children.

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Jantarnoje Igristoje


Semi-sweet wine, fizzy, white.
0,75 L; alc. 10 % obj.

Consume chilled to 6-8o Celsius. Available in two capacities:1,3 L.

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White wine, semi-sweet, fizzy.

0,75 l; 10,5% vol.#

Made from Italian wines, muscat flavored. Ideal for any occasion. Serve chilled.


- Gold Medal – 11th All-Polish Wine Contest- Lublin 2002

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Kłosówka with spikes


0,5 L and 0,7 L; 40 % alc.
Kłosówka with spikes is made from best quality fourthly distilled neutral cereal spirit. Selected spikes are macerationed in spirit and put in every bottle. Maximum purified spirit and spikes give this vodka original light-pale color and smooth, organic fragrance of ripe cereal. Best tastes when frozen to 0-4 oC. When shaken it is natural to observe single parts of spikes inside the bottle.

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TUR Vodka Cristal


TUR Vodka Cristal 0,7L

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Vodka.PL Finest Premium 0,7 L


0,7 L; 40% alc.
Vodka.PL Finest Premium is made from best quality, fourthly distilled neutral cereal spirit which gives this vodka crystal clear, undisturbed and noble taste. Consumption of this traditional Polish vodka gives us unforgettable, sensuous impression incomparable with other experiences. Serve very chilled.
Available also in capacities: 0,2 L and 0,5 L.

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Vodka.PL Premium Gold Quality 0,7L


0,7 L 40% alc.
Vodka.PL Premium Gold Quality is produced from specially selected fourthly distilled rye-based spirits. Further lengthy purification called silver filtration makes it possible to get crystal clear, undisturbed, noble taste esteemed by connoisseurs of alcohol . Consuming this vodka brings unforgettable sensations uncomparable with anything else. Serve very chilled.

Available also in the box with original 2 glasses.

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White & Red


0,5 L; 40% vol.
It Is produced from the finest rectified neutral spirit made from Polish rye. Careful selection of grains, crystal clear water from artesian wells, unhurried and diligent production as well as active fourfold filtration made it possible to get a gentle smell and subtle, harmonious taste. Consuming this traditional Polish vodka brings unusual sensations without the consequence of headache and feeling unwell next day. Tastes best when very well chilled. The idea for the product came from European Football Championship 2012 co-organized by Poland. The original bottle in the shape of the map of Poland with marked stadiums is a perfect gift not only for football fans.

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