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Enoteca Nederland
St. Walburg 8
4001 ME Tiel, Niederlande

Telefon: +31 344 613736
Fax: +31 344 612550

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About us

Enoteca Nederland builds bridges between importers all over the world and wine producers in Italy. As ambassador for wineries from most significant wine regions in Italy, Enoteca Nederland seeks to create win-win partnerships between producers and importers. While marketing the products Enoteca Nederland embraces five core values: Transparency, Value for money, Expertise, Reliability, and Efficiency. For further information or availability of a wine in your region, please contact our office.

For Italian wines you need a Dutchman!
Around 1% of all Italian wine bottled for export, is sold through Enoteca Nederland. That may sound modest, but it's big, with Italian wine exports totalling well over one billion bottles! The reason Enoteca has grown that important, roots in the trust many Italian producers and over 300 importers put in Enoteca Nederland.

Why a Dutchman?
Transparency - The Dutch have a preference for transparency. They can even make transparent what is proverbially opaque: The world of Italian wine! Value for money - The Dutch have a mercantile spirit. The best 'Dutch treat' you can get is to let a Dutchman do your shopping. Expertise - Enoteca's expertise concerning Italian wine and its marketing. Enoteca Nederland can find you anything, anywhere in Italy. Reliability - We always keep our word. Efficiency - Enoteca Nederland will not waste time - neither yours or ours.